Investor FAQ’s

What are Medical Australia’s main business activities?

Medical Australia (formerly BMDi TUTA Healthcare) is an Australian listed company committed to excellence, quality and innovation in healthcare through the acquisition and growth of both new and established Australian companies. We are focused on the manufacture and delivery of quality medical devices and equipment for the healthcare industry that deliver superior outcomes for patients.

Our portfolio of companies currently includes TUTA Healthcare, TUTA vet and Clements Medical Equipment. We are committed to significant growth by leveraging our key strengths of quality, flexibility and customer relationships in our existing businesses, expansion into overseas markets and through new acquisitions complementary to our portfolio.

Does Medical Australia export to overseas markets?

Medical Australia currently has sales and distribution in 14 countries across Europe, North America, Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific through our companies TUTA and Clements Medical Equipment.

How many people does Medical Australia employ worldwide?

Medical Australia directly employs 24 people. In addition, the company subcontracts many of its operational functions including distribution and manufacture, which creates indirect relationships with hundreds of outsourced workers, worldwide.

Where is Medical Australia’s headquarters?

Sydney, Australia

Is Medical Australia a publicly listed company?

Yes, the Company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:MLA). Home Exchange is Sydney.

Can I see who your largest shareholders are?

Yes, please refer to our 2015 Annual Report for this statement (page 63).

How are your Directors appointed?

Directors, other than the Managing Director, are subject to re-election by the shareholders at least every three years.