About Clements

Since 1908 Clements Medical Equipment has specialised in the design and manufacture of medical devices aiding medical practitioners to provide the ultimate in care for their patients. Clements currently provide a diversified range of products within the following categories:

  • Wall Suction - A range of wall mounted suction devices enabling the aspiration of fluids from patients in clinical applications.
  • Medical Gas - A range of Oxygen Therapy devices for the measurement and distribution of oxygen.
  • ​Suction Pumps - A range of mobile, portable and manual suction pumps for surgical, emergency and ward applications.

During the early 1950's Clements diversified its medical operations and began the development and manufacture of laboratory equipment. Initially specialising in bench top centrifuges, Clements rapidly grew its product range to also include basic laboratory equipment.

Today, Clements Scientific division remains true to its roots, focused on offering bench top and specialty centrifuges suitable for the rigours of modern laboratory, education and field work across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

Clements is a division of Medical Australia. Find out more at the Clements website www.clements.net.au