About TUTA

TUTA is an Australian owned company engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of quality medical devices and equipment, with particular expertise in sterile and non-sterile medical plastics for use in surgery and transfusion.

With a history spanning more than 60 years, TUTA has an established reputation for supplying high quality, competitively priced products that meet stringent international standards. Key to TUTA's success is innovation and a customer-centric focus that allows us to design and develop new products to enable advances in clinical techniques that meet the requirements of leading medical professionals. Our ability to quickly adapt and meet the needs of surgeons, both here and overseas, is recognised throughout the medical profession and puts us at the forefront of the industry.

TUTA also has a division dedicated to the animal healthcare market called TUTA Vet. Using our extensive knowledge and expertise of plastic medical devices, TUTA Vet manufactures and supplies products to meet the specific needs of veterinary surgeons.

TUTA is a division of Medical Australia. Find out more at the TUTA website.