Medical Australia (formerly BMDi TUTA Healthcare) is committed to excellence, quality and innovation in healthcare through the acquisition and growth of both new and established Australian companies. We are focused on the manufacture and delivery of quality medical devices and equipment for the healthcare industry that deliver superior outcomes for patients. From December, Medical Australia has become part of ICU Medical Inc. a United States based company which is a world leader in the development and manufacture of medical devices used in infusion therapy, critical care and oncology applications worldwide and sells those products to medical product manufacturers, distributors and end users. Medical Australia will continue to supply its high quality Tuta and Clements products as it has in the past but with the added strength and experience of ICU Medical behind it.

TUTA Healthcare
TUTA is an Australian owned company engaged in the development, manufacture and distribution of quality medical devices and equipment, with particular expertise in sterile and non-sterile medical plastics for use in surgery and transfusion.
Since 1908 Clements Medical Equipment has specialised in the design and manufacture of medical devices aiding medical practitioners to provide the ultimate in care for their patients. Clements currently provide a diversified range of products within the following categories:
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